Do you want paid for forgotten hours?

Traditional time trackers are only effective when you remember to keep them going. Moonlighter is an automatic time tracker that you don't have to think about. It doesn't distract or interrupt your workflow with extra requirements, shiny buttons, or animations -- but it tracks your hours even when you forget.

Do you want to bill those overlooked hours? Forget about starting and stopping timers, setting task descriptions, or entering your time manually. Moonlighter is always working, watching the files you edit so you can focus on your work and not your timesheets.

Automate my hours now!

Moonlighter sits quietly in the background of your computer, watching the names of files you edit. No complicated or overly glossy interface to deal with.

It will never interrupt or distract you from your workflow.

With just a few clicks, display charts showing your activity during any recorded time period.

Hover over the chart to quickly get hourly totals and threshold minimum activity.

Click on bars within the chart to quickly list the files you edited during that period.

Easily export results to CSV for import into your favorite invoicing or payroll software.

You can even include detailed lists of the files you edited during each period in order to generate more accurate future estimates.

Between the missing hours it catches, the time it saves collecting hourly reports, and the stress it relieves - Moonlighter practically pays for itself in the first month!

Buy Now! ($50 $25) Or read more about how it works...